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Manifesting with The New Moon

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The recent new moon in Scorpio on the 15th November got me thinking about how the power of our intention transforms everything. It was such a powerful new moon (indeed a supermoon, where the veil between this world and the next is very thin) and it seemed to drag up a lot in those I saw around me. Some of it I observed to be outward displays of anger, of jealousy, resentment, negativity veering on the destructive...which is unsurprising in these challenging times. But if we lean into the unique energy of the new moon we truly can set the scene for not only the coming lunar cycle but also for the next six months when the full moon will be in the opposing sign of Taurus. What is it that we can manifest now to materialise then? And it all begins with our intention.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign with the ability to hold the emotion inwards. 'Still waters run deep' is an accurate description of this energy, totally unlike the river, rain or ocean we associate with the other water signs Cancer and Pisces. The new moon in Scorpio this time felt like a huge block of ice, or rather a giant iceberg in still waters. Imagine that for a moment. How powerful that feels. And it was asking you to dive down to uncover what is underneath the surface. If you can thaw that iceberg and get those emotions to work for you constructively rather than against, you can channel it into manifesting whatever you want. But those emotions will need to come out, as holding on to it too long will result in stagnation and toxicity. Any way you can tap into the particular signs energy the quicker you can release and make it work for you. In this case it was so important to harness the integrity and the depth of Scorpio rather than taking the low road...the phoenix rather than the snake. For me the nature of Scorpio meant this was quite an inner process, of creating the space mentally and emotionally to take note, to observe and to address whatever came up.

Wherever the new moon fell in your chart will describe the area of life that was asking for your attention. For me scorpio rules my 4th house, so this was all about focusing on my roots, the past, my sense of home and belonging. My intention was to honour but let go of the past, to build my children's roots on what is important to my husband and I, not what we inherited from our families of origin. Wherever the moon fell in your chart would have highlighted wherever you need to go deeper. And then connect with it. Whether that was through guided meditation, self care, talking, writing, breathing / yoga, no matter how you chose to focus, I hope you set your intentions so you can watch them come to fruition on the full moon! Peace and good vibes, Sammy

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