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Astrologer or Coach?

So what is it that actually happens in a session with me? What takes place? How do I know so much about you when we’ve never met before? What do I actually do? Am I an Astrologer or am I a coach? What’s the difference?

If you have never had a natal chart consultation before these may be some of the questions you need answers to. If so then wonder no more!

Ok so even though I am called The Spirited Coach, sometimes I feel a frustration with the use of the word coach as it doesn’t really describe what it is I do. But equally when I use the word astrologer, people can know even less. Way less. Cue lots of blank faces. (To be fair, this happens less often than it used to, many people are becoming SO much more clued up.)

To be clear I am 100% an astrologer, but use coach in my title as not only is it more aligned with my ideal clients but I believe it also subtly shifts the emphasis from me being seen as a ‘guru’ who has all the answers for your life as this is most definitely not true. YOU are the one in charge of your own life, I am not a soothsayer, harbinger of doom or a psychic. I do not encourage people to give their power away to something bigger than themselves. The responsibility and power lies firmly with my clients. Hence the word coach.

However there are so many people who use the title of coach nowadays that it can be difficult for people to discern exactly what sort of service they will be receiving. I guess ultimately at its core a coach means someone who will encourage you, help you clarify your goals, hold your hand along the way whilst also holding you accountable throughout the process. They help you to reach your goals if you are prepared to do the work. The goals that you set for yourself.

So I guess that’s what I do.…in a fashion. You come to me for a reason (e.g to understand your child better, to discover what career would suit you best, how to deal with relationship issues or make more money for example). However a session with me is not really like a coaching session where we tease out your goals and I simply create a generic framework and structure to facilitate that. Rather it works in reverse, it is completely bespoke to who I already know you to be at a deep psychological level.

I already have the information about why you are here, what you are supposed to be doing with your gifts (at your highest soul purpose level I mean, not whether you should take job A or job B) and so a session is more of a reminder of who you are. It can help reveal the answers within you so you can create a life that is in alignment with who you really are. Once you truly understand yourself, the path forwards always seems a bit less blocked. Once you truly know who your child is, you can begin to give them what they actually need. And unlike coaches who work with clients over a period of months, the majority of my clients have just one session then come back to me at some point (sometimes months or even years later) for an update as whilst the natal chart remains the same, different parts are triggered at different times.

I like to think of myself like a messenger to your psyche, your soul - delivering whatever it is you need to hear at this time. Who knows what draws you to me, but I believe my role is to meet you where you currently are and to help you uncover all of the parts of you that need expression. As that is really the point of it all, honouring your unique nature and letting it flow in the world.

A session with me is like a conversation with a good friend who really cares about you, has your back and knows you very well. It’s a conversation with someone who understands you on a deep level and has the ability to see straight past whatever is on the surface to what lies beneath. Some of that you will be conscious of, some of it not necessarily.

So in a session (depending on what areas of your life you want to focus on), together we explore your psychological ‘map’, you life landscape if you like, and tease out some of the issues. I find that by describing the symbolism and relaying the feel of the aspects in your chart is like planting a seed in your mind that can lead to insights and breakthroughs on your part - either immediately or long afterwards. It’s a magical art really. And its uncanny how an astrology session will reveal exactly what you need to hear right now. I don’t believe this is coincidence - rather it’s something you have attracted as your soul knows what it needs to hear, even if you don’t!

So how do astrologers get their information? Well firstly it takes A LOT of practice and (in my opinion) years of study to hone our craft, I do believe there is an apprenticeship to being an astrologer with no shortcuts really. But in short, it is a combination of calculating a chart for the date, place and time the client was born and then interpreting and relaying the information within it. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the symbolism, the language, the cycles and themes and also an ability to make sense of it all so you can relay it in a way that is relevant, useful and empowering for the client.

Learning Astrology is like a more complicated version of learning to read the Tarot. When I was a teenager I remember constantly scouring tarot books for meaning of the cards, memorising them, but was stumped when it came to combinations of cards and what they meant for me in my life. It’s the same with astrology. Yes you can get all the information in astrology ‘cookbooks’ about what a planet means in what sign and what house etc, but you really need experience of reading LOTS of charts combined with both intuition and creativity to be an astrologer. Like music, it’s a feel thing. Or it’s a bit like cooking, anyone can follow a recipe but without the skill or the love / heart / soul it’ll just be a bunch of ingredients that are thrown together that don’t necessarily work. Astrology is something that has infinite layers too, there are still things about my own chart that reveal themselves to me even now and I don’t think that will ever end, we just go a bit deeper each time.

Apart from all that, if you are to be an exceptional astrologer I believe you need to constantly be focusing on your own personal development and growth. A responsible astrologer not only needs the skills and diplomacy to be able to communicate with all sorts of people, you crucially also need to take out the ego and come from a heart centred, place of service. You are here to serve, not to be admired for your skill or knowledge. You also need to be aware of the imbalance of power (especially with children’s charts) which I believe requires the highest standards of personal values and a huge amount of self awareness. You are merely the conduit, not the prophet. And that sort of humility and grace cannot be taught.

So I guess I have digressed a bit, but I hope that is helpful in some way… summary, I suppose I’m an astrologer with the mindset of a coach! But above and beyond all the titles and words I am here to help you see the big picture of your journey and to remind you of who you are.

Sending you the highest love,

Sammy x

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