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Forecast for January 2022

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you managed to find some peace and stillness over the holidays.

December was quite an intense month astrology wise and for many of us we may have experienced a lot of strong emotions as 2021 came to a close.

So what does 2022 have in store for us? Astrologically it has a very different feel to 2021, I would not say it is necessarily 'easier', but perhaps with the Saturn / Uranus square behind us there will be more of a focus on rebuilding a better way forward. Jupiter in Pisces also offers a great deal of potential in terms of compassionate dialogue on both a personal and societal level. Having said that, the new must be built on solid foundations and there is still more shedding of the old ways required before that can truly happen.

There is a lot going on in 2022 so today I thought I'd break it down and focus on the January astrology, which in many ways sets the tone for the year. Particularly with the nodes retrograding to the Taurus / Scorpio axis (from 19th Jan), this really places the emphasis on creating our own stability, simplifying our lives and hopefully consolidating where we are rather than getting bogged down in the politics and drama of the last year.

Expect issues around resources to surface in particular, overall the themes collectively are likely to focus around this, but it's important to not fall victim to a lack mindset, we are all very rich in so many ways, let us not forget that. But, yes, expect a theme of accountability this year and collectively we will be called to manage our past karma that has resulted from the misguided belief that resources are infinite and that global expansion can continue at all costs. The health of the economy is likely to be in sharp focus, but that surely will come as no surprise. On both a societal and personal level it is also likely that some sacrifices will need to be made, perhaps more than we are used to being comfortable with.

This overall is the theme of 2022, staying grateful for all we have and simplifying our lives wherever we can to use less, want less, waste less and to pull together as communities. We cannot merely look to 'leaders' for answers, we must rise to accept responsibility on an individual level and keep our focus firmly on bringing the Jupiter in Pisces energy (namely compassion, gratitude, meditation and visualisation etc) together with the Taurus north node energy of stability, remaining calm, being practical, loving nature and our earth.

With Venus currently retrograding in Capricorn we are also being called to examine our true values and how much it is that we really need. With Jupiter square the south node we will be forced to face it eventually.... Jupiter in the sign of Pisces may bring some relief after the intensity of last year but although this will be welcome it does need anchoring in practical change otherwise it can give the energy and illusion of everything looking and sounding fine but in reality being no different.

The lesson of Jupiter in Pisces is ultimately that we need to remember we are one humanity. However this square to the south node is also karmic and will therefore ask us to examine our collective Jupiter karma. Jupiter is the planet that inflates, it is growth, it is expansion, it is greed and part of this transit is the need to recognise that we simply cannot continue to expand, to grow without limits. We cannot keep having what we want in the moment and ignore the bigger price to pay. Resources are not infinite. And we are likely to be reminded of this fact this year. Are you really doing your bit or are you still ignoring what you know to be true deep down? It's a bit like the seven of swords in the Tarot - we cannot keep turning a blind eye and hope we get away with it. We are all guilty of this one way or another but this year we are likely to feel it personally rather than it being an abstract idea that we don't have to face in our day to day reality.

Moving onto a more practical note, the next week or so is a good time to get tasks completed, not so great the second part of the month. On the 8th and 9th there may be old wounds resurface with a tricky moon / Chiron conjunction and the Sun conjunct Venus retrograde, but it's a good time for working through any stuff left over (emotionally speaking) from last year. On the 11th Mars makes a tense square to Neptune so things may become a bit unclear or confusing and it'd also pay not to take risks around this time, particularly financially. It's closely followed by a Mercury Uranus square on the 14th, so best not to ignore problems or avoid anything that needs clear action prior to this time.

In addition, although Mercury is in humanitarian Aquarius now, our winged messenger will be retrograding back into the sign of Capricorn on the 14th. So this reinforces that the first half of the month is a good time to get your ducks in a row and your goals sorted. On the flip side it's a good time for reviewing or re-doing whatever you didn't do properly last month!

There's a powerful full moon in Cancer opposing Pluto on the 18th, the sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th and will conjunct mercury on the 23rd, so it'll be interesting to see what happens around this time. Things may come to a head one way or another. Mercury then conjuncts Pluto on the 29th which compounds this energy and then there's a sun square Uranus on the 30th. The month ends with an a power laden moon conjunct Pluto and mercury in Capricorn which again is likely to reinforce the theme of accountability and which may require us to confront our desires and examine how well they match up to the reality of what we actually need.

If I could sum it up, it's likely to be a little bit rocky at the end of the month but it's also about keeping calm and carrying on this month. It's about keeping focused on the road ahead and plodding (Taurus) in the right direction! Above all keep bringing the love and gratitude for all we have.

Wishing you the highest love,


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