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My Astrology Truth

When I was younger and had begun to show an interest in astrology, I frequently encountered people telling me they were surprised that I ‘believed’ in it. I find this happens far less now, not just because there are more people open to it, but because when you trust yourself and live your life in authenticity the external stuff and opinions of others tend to just melt away anyway.

However occasionally I do find myself answering the question and in realising I also need to live a life of greater visibility I wanted to write a bit about what Astrology is for me and what it isn’t. When someone asks if I ‘believe’ in astrology I know what they mean. However, astrology is not a belief system. It is more like a system of categorisation, a language that connects us to the wider cosmos and a tool with which to understand the realm of human experience. Like many other systems of thought that attempt to describe or categorise – think psychology, numerology, the enneagram system etc. However astrology is so rich in its insights, in its ability to describe not only the archetypes and themes that occur in all our lives but it also simultaneously reflects the holistic nature of the universe. It is therefore a unique symbolic language which has never been more relevant and useful as many people begin to raise their level of consciousness. Astrology is so complex and multi-layered as it walks a line between the magical and the mystical, its historical connections with astronomy and intricate scientific calculations and yet it is also connected to psychological dynamics within the birth chart which require an almost artistic disposition to translate and interpret. It is why it can take years of study and a lifetime to only scratch the surface.

What is tricky is its reputation. Astrology’s history is steeped in ‘beware the ides of March’ thinking so it will always attract an element (and expectation) of predication. However this desire for prediction can sometimes actually just be a desire for control as a way to avoid fear. These are generally not the clients I attract, but all astrologers will at some point encounter those who want us to ‘tell them’ what to do. This is most definitely not the point. Sure, there are some astrologers who specialise in forecasting to play the stock market or maximise business profits or to let politicians know when to bury bad news on a void of course moon. However this for me is missing the point. The point is to empower you and reconnect you with yourself so you can welcome in what is FOR you. Often it is about letting go rather than trying to control. Never believe that something outside of you determines your happiness. Yes, astrology is good for prepping you to take out your metaphorical umbrella when you know it will rain; yes, it is good to align your intentions at the optimum time and not against the tide, however for me when it comes down to it astrology is just a tool to remind you of who you are.

Who you are at a soul level.

It gives you information about the themes you are here to explore in this life. It illustrates the areas of focus for you. It describes your talents and unique gifts. It also indicates potential areas for growth. However it cannot tell you whether you will use those gifts. It will not describe whether you will rise to the challenges. Life is bigger than that. That is what I call factor X, which is never visible. Not to an astrologer, not to a psychic, not to a tarot reader, not to a psychotherapist. Only you know that.

I like to think of an astrology reading as a conversation, a pause, a reminder, a sign post which can redirect you back onto your path when you may have lost your way. But it is not the only tool with which to do this. And it is only one of the tools I use in my life. In fact, for myself I tend to use the tarot more often as a ‘predictive’ tool rather than scour masses of forecasting information on my astrology software or my ephemeris as I am more intuitive and right brained. And more often than that still it is daily meditation and /or yoga that provides the answers.

So I guess what I am trying to say is astrology is just one way of bringing you back to your Knowing in a range of possibilities. Reminding you of the cyclical nature of life. Tracking the moon cycle helps us connect with our own rhythms. Life, like nature, is lawful in the sense that the only certainty is the constant change, a flow, an endless cycle of death and re-birth. Astrology merely reminds us that we are a cog in the wheel of something bigger, that without boundary, infinite, eternal and totally beyond our comprehension.

Life has a way of bringing us full circle. We are born with all the answers about who we are and what our mission is. The only thing we need to do in life to be happy is to embrace who we are. Express our true natures. To share ourselves and our creative gifts with the world. Small children have this knowledge already and then familial, environmental, cultural, educational, religious etc conditioning kicks in to override our Knowing.

Astrology reminds us that we are an eternal being having a human incarnation. It is not bigger than you. It is a tool. Remember you have the answers within you already.

Sending love and light,

Sammy x

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