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 I came to see Sammy after the birth of my daughter for her chart reading, and again for my own, Sammy is an incredibly gifted astrologer, her readings for me have been incredibly clear, thoughtful, detailed , intuitive and so helpful - her passion for helping others shines through!

I couldn’t recommend Sammy enough, and I’m so pleased to have met her.

Thank you Sammy for a beautiful reading for my baby daughter and myself! X 


Hi Sammy,

Thanks for my charts and thanks again for such an amazing session last week so full of insights. It renewed my deep interest in astrology and reminded me that it exists as a supportive modality which is always available to give me guidance when I'm feeling a little alone.

The session also changed how I viewed the birth chart aspects that had previously been presented to me as 'challenging' and reframed them as strengths to be aware of and excited by. It's as if I can now enjoy being me and look forward to all the ways I can manifest my potential moving forward.

Thanks for your time and your clear and eloquent descriptions of everything. It was all very much appreciated.

All the best,


Dear Sammy, 

Thank you so much for today. I found it so insightful and helpful. You are very skilled and clearly passionate about what you do.

Thank you for bringing your gifts to the world!


Thank you very much again Sammy.

It was lovely to talk to you and connect with you. You are a lovely soul and clearly very devoted to what you do.  

A privilege to meet people like you.


I came to Sammy after having a few bumps in the road with my parenting style, particularly with one of my children. I felt strongly that I wanted to understand & resolve them. Sammy made me feel really relaxed and talked through both our charts. I was amazed at how spot on and accurate her description of my child was; she managed to reveal certain character traits and explain what might cause some of our issues. What was really helpful and valuable was the advice Sammy gave me on the best way to manage certain behaviours and how to respond to some of our situations.

The session was an eye opener for me and I’m so grateful that I managed to become a more mindful parent. I would recommend Sammy and her skills to anyone who may feel lost or just need some guidance while on your own personal journey through life.


Hi Sammy, it was great to meet you and finally have an in-depth conversation I've been meaning to have for so long. Thanks so much. You are a whiz on the stars!

I think in another year I will get in touch again, is always good to revisit these things. Once again, thanks!


Thank you so much for your time and energy Sammy, everything was super helpful and our session has definitely given me some pointers and things to think about.

I've already recommended you to several friends who I know you could really help! And I know I'll be back in touch for another session in the future. Thanks again!


Wow! I have never had such an accurate character analysis - absolutely amazing - every point was spot on!!

And the situation - again spot on!

Thank you once again Sammy, it's given me a lot of hope at this time.


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