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Hi, I'm Sammy, an Astrologer and Soul Alignment Coach and I help support and empower women by using their unique astrological birth chart as a map to unlock their purpose and potential. I also help mothers understand their parenting journey and children's needs through an astrological lens.

Whatever area of life you wish to explore, astrology can help you gain a deep sense of understanding and self awareness. This clarity and focus will enable you to not only connect with your higher self, but also to live a life of greater ease and fulfilment. To create abundance and joy as you offer your unique talents and gifts to the world.

Together we uncover the major themes and dynamics in your chart and discover how these have manifested in your life. We also address any challenges you may currently be experiencing and create awareness around the blocks or limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward. 

This process deepens your understanding of who you are at a soul level and reveals a broader overview of your journey, giving greater context and meaning to your life.

A consultation also allows you to recognise opportunities for growth so you can start creating the life that you truly desire.

What are YOUR goals? ​

Combining the ancient art of astrology with pragmatic and down to earth insights, my aim is to help you be the very best version of you.

Contact me today to understand your unique talents and start your journey!


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"Wow! I have never had such an accurate character analysis - absolutely amazing - every point was spot on!!

And the situation - again spot on!

Thank you once again Sammy, it's given me a lot of hope at this time."



" Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it"

Maya Angelou