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Discover YOUR  unique soul mission

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Hi, I'm Sammy, The Spirited Coach, and thank you for finding my website!

In my work I support and empower you by translating your birth chart and soul's plan for this lifetime. I like to think of your chart as a unique map or key which opens up a pathway for you to journey into greater self discovery and spiritual growth.

Exploring your astrological blueprint deepens your understanding of who you are - not only from a psychological perspective but also at a soul level. It gives you access to a much bigger viewpoint of your life story, so you not only discover more about your soul's plan for this incarnation, but you also gain context and meaning. 

A consultation with me also provides clarity about your authentic self, which enables you to connect with yourself on a much deeper level and live with greater ease and fulfilment.

When you understand the life your soul planned for you, it also means you can can consciously chose to live in alignment with your path and highest potential rather than being distracted and getting off track. And ultimately create abundance and joy as you offer your unique talents and gifts to the world!

Whatever area of your life you wish to explore, understanding the astrology behind it can help you gain deep, profound insights and self awareness.

In your consultation we uncover the major themes and dynamics operating in your natal chart and explore how these have manifested in your life. We also address any challenges you may currently be experiencing and create conscious awareness around any blocks or limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck. This exploration allows you to recognise opportunities for soul growth so you can start manifesting the life that you truly deserve!

What are YOUR goals? ​What might need healing before you can move forward? Let me hold the space for you as together we explore your psyche at a deep level.

Combining the ancient art of astrology with pragmatic and compassionate insights, my aim is to help you be the very best version of you.

Contact me today to understand your unique blueprint!

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