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Hi, I'm Sammy, The Spirited Coach, and welcome to my website!

​I’d like to ask you some questions. 

What is your purpose? 

What is the greater meaning of your life?

Why do you believe you are here? 

What are your greatest challenges and lessons?

What would make you feel truly fulfilled?

If answers to these questions are something you are struggling to define, then I may be able to help.

Did you know your astrological birth chart can reveal answers to all of the above?

Astrology is used for many purposes but essentially it is a rich, symbolic language that allows us to make sense of our lives.

The way I work with astrology is to translate the energy of the moment you were born (a.k.a. your birth chart) in order to reveal the greater context of your life and describe in detail what your soul planned for this incarnation. 

I call this a soul plan.

My belief is that we are eternal souls who have lived many lifetimes. Your current human body and physical reality is just one experience your soul has chosen in order to grow. 

Before your birth your soul chose the circumstances you’d be born into and certain choices you might be faced with over the course of your lifetime. 

The question is why?

Understanding the astrology behind your life story gives you deep, profound insights and self-awareness. 

It allows you to address current challenges in your life and create conscious awareness around the reasons why you might be experiencing these issues. 

It also allows you to uncover any unconscious blocks or limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck. 

What might need healing before you can align with your higher purpose? 

A consultation with me provides a channel to your higher self, which enables you to connect with yourself on a much deeper level and provides clarity around your path and purpose.

When you discover the life your soul planned for this incarnation, you can consciously choose to live in alignment with your path and highest potential rather than getting distracted or off track.

It helps you realise there is a rich landscape to discover beyond the 3D world and most of the answers you seek lie within yourself and within your chart. 

Why certain experiences needed to happen and what you are here to work on.

It means you can also consciously choose to step off the wheel of karma by doing the inner work and raising your vibration through living out the highest expression of your chart.

And ultimately create abundance and joy as you offer your talents and gifts to the world.

Let me hold the space for you, as together we explore your soul plan.

Combining the ancient art of astrology with pragmatic and compassionate insights, my aim is to help you be the very best version of you possible.

Contact me today to understand your unique blueprint.

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