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All consultations are 1:1 via Zoom

Services: Services

1 hr 30 minute session

  • In depth, detailed and impactful reading covering all aspects of your unique soul plan blueprint (a.k.a. your birth chart)

  • Take a deep dive to discover yourself and your life story from an astrological perspective

  • Get clear on your soul’s plan for this lifetime.

  • Why are you here? What is your unique soul mission? What did your soul plan for you pre-birth? 

  • Understand your unique strengths, talents and potential through the symbolic language of astrology

  • Gain insight and perspective in regards to any blocks you may currently be facing, either conscious or unconscious. Feel supported and validated as we explore areas of challenge and growth in your life and in the context of your soul plan

  • Understand your early life experiences from a soul perspective and address any areas of fear or wounding you may still be holding onto so you can heal and free yourself from any unhelpful habits or patterns

  • Get clear on your authentic self so you feel content and secure in who you are

  • Discover the highest potential held within your chart so you can choose to express these energies in a conscious way which allows you to shift into higher timelines and realities

  • Transform your perspective on your life so you can move forward feeling free and in alignment with your soul path

  • PDF copy of your chart

3 x 1hr 30 minute sessions

We work together over three sessions so you can understand and integrate your soul plan on a deep level, clear blocks that may be holding you back and step into your fullest potential and power. This service is for you if you’re ready to level up and commit to living your soul plan in greater awareness.

Discover your chart both in terms of your human story and your soul's journey and fully understand what you are here to do.

We cover all placements in your chart (not just the major themes), discover your inner child, explore shadow and past lives and you also get a full forecast for the year ahead.

PDF copies of all charts will be emailed to you along with any significant dates for the year ahead.

Session 1:

An introduction to your energetic blueprint, your soul plan. We explore your human story including your unique talents and gifts, emphasis and balance in your chart, all your placements, themes and areas of ease and tension.

We ask what is the script of your life about? How has this been played out so far?

Discover your soul purpose and what your soul planned for you pre-birth.

As part of this first session we can also focus in on particular areas of your life that you chose, i.e. relationships, work, family, finances etc.

Session 2:

We explore your challenges, shadow, past lives, karmic lessons and ancestral inheritance.

We discuss any areas of energetic imbalance (from this life or past lives) and consider how this may be impacting you now.

What choices have you made and why? How did you end up here? What do you want?

Discover your inner child and explore any issues or wounds that you are still carrying. What are the limiting beliefs holding you back from fulfilling your potential and accessing your highest timeline?

Session 3:

We integrate everything from the previous two sessions so you’re crystal clear on your unique soul plan and what you’re here to work on.

We address any thoughts or questions that have arisen for you along the process.

Finally we explore your Solar return chart, your progressions as well as the current / emerging planetary transits for the year ahead. Understand  the themes and energies surrounding you and take note of any significant opportunities for further soul growth.

We finish our time together with some energy distance healing so you move forward feeling light, abundant, calm and centred.

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1 hr 30 minute session

  • Bespoke astrology session where we look at how the current astrology is likely to impact you in the year ahead

  • This consultation is tailored to you and your unique birth chart specifically, it is not generic!

  • We explore your solar return chart as well as your current progressed chart and major transits

  • Often useful to schedule around your birthday, but can be taken at any time that suits your situation

  • Where is your focus likely to be for the coming year? Is this part of a bigger cycle?

  • Which areas of your life will be emphasised and highlighted?

  • What part of your chart is being activated? Is this a time to reap or sow?

  • Reflect on your personal cycles and the themes of your life through the progression of your natal placements

  • Become aware of any upcoming major transits that may be asking for your soul growth. If so, how can you consciously work with these?

  • Understand the windows of opportunity in the coming year so you can manifest what you want and maximise tangible results 

  • See the big picture weather forecast coming up so you can be prepared!

  • PDF copy of all charts and dates for your diary

1 hr 30 minute session

  • A gentle consultation for mothers where we look at your child’s birth chart (0-12yrs)

  • Uncover your child’s unique personality, their strengths and talents

  • What are your child's potential challenges? How can you help them navigate these?

  • What is your child’s soul path? 

  • What landscape are they here to explore in this lifetime?

  • Together we examine what your child really needs to thrive and how you can help them shine

  • Understand your child's needs through an astrological lens so you can be the best parent you can possibly be

  • PDF copy of chart

2 x 1 hr 30 min sessions

An in-depth exploration for mothers where we look at BOTH your own birth chart and your child’s chart (0-12yrs) over two separate sessions.

These sessions will allow you to not only understand yourself and your child better, but also to understand to the relationship between you, offering deep insights and paths for integration.

Session One

  • We focus on you with a full soul plan reading.

  • What is your highest expression? Your potential, your purpose and karma

  • Gain an understanding of your own journey and soul path

  • What are your unique challenges and areas for growth?

  • In this session we also look at your own experience of being parented and address any gaps

  • What wounds might you be carrying from childhood and how might this impact on your relationship with your own child?​

Session Two

  • We focus your child's birth chart 

  • Understand your child’s unique personality, their strengths and potential challenges 

  • What is your child’s soul path?

  • We examine what your child really needs from you

  • Integration of needs and finding the balance

  • We address any current issues or challenges

  • Understand the karmic and ancestral picture

  • Discover your synastry and the relationship chart

  • PDF copies of all charts 

1 hr 30 minutes

  • Are you trying to get to grips with your chart? Unclear about some parts?

  • Gaps in your astrological knowledge?

  • Are you an astrologer in need of peer supervision?

  • Ask me anything and we can spend some time covering your questions.

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