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All astrology consultations are held online via Zoom

Services: Services

90 minute session

  • In depth astrology consultation covering all aspects of your unique astrological birth chart (also known as a natal chart)

  • Understand your true nature and authentic self with a psychological approach to your strengths, talents plus discover your own unique areas of challenge and growth 

  • Discover the potential held within your chart so you can chose to live out the highest expression of the energies in a conscious, mindful way

  • Understand your soul’s mission in this life. Why did you incarnate? What are you really here to do and why? Discover your purpose and the true meaning of your life

  • Address any blocks you may currently be facing, either conscious or unconscious 

  • Gain insight and perspective into past experiences, address any emotional wounds you may still be carrying and welcome in healing 

  • Understand a big picture view of what energies will be surrounding you over the next 12 months with a bespoke forecast. This will allow you to make the most of opportunities for growth and understand which areas of your life are likely to be in focus

  • Come away with a solid understanding of how to move forward that is in alignment with your higher self

  • PDF copies of all charts

90 minute session

  • In depth astrology consultation for mothers where we look at your child’s birth chart (0-11yrs)

  • Uncover your child’s unique personality, their strengths and talents

  • What are your child's potential challenges? How can you help them navigate these?

  • What is your child’s soul path? 

  • What landscape are they here to explore in this lifetime?

  • Together we examine what your child really needs to thrive and how you can help them shine

  • Understand your child's needs through an astrological lens so you can be the best parent you can possibly be

  • PDF copy of chart

2 x 90 min sessions

An in-depth exploration for mothers where we look at BOTH your own birth chart and your child’s birth chart (0-11yrs) over two separate consultation sessions. These sessions will allow you to not only understand yourself and your child better, but also to understand to the relationship between you, offering deep insights and paths for integration.

Session One

  • We focus on you with a full birth chart consultation

  • What is your highest expression? Your potential, your purpose and karma

  • Gain an understanding of your own journey and soul path

  • What are your unique challenges and areas for growth?

  • In this session we also look at your own experience of being parented and address any gaps

  • What wounds might you carry from childhood and how might this impact on your relationship with your own child?​

Session Two

  • We focus your child's birth chart 

  • Understand your child’s unique personality, their strengths and potential challenges 

  • What is your child’s soul path?

  • We examine what your child really needs from you

  • Integration of needs and finding the balance

  • We address any current issues or challenges

  • Understand the karmic and ancestral picture

  • Discover your synastry and the relationship chart

  • PDF copies of all charts 

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