Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not know my birth time?

To work with you I will ideally need an accurate birth time. The planets are in constant motion so even five minutes can distort the picture somewhat. If you do not have this please get in touch to discuss. It does not mean we cannot work together at all but there will be limits on what we can do! I can work with a solar chart but the best bet is to always do as much as you can to verify your exact birth time.

Who do you work with?

I love to work with all types of people but ideally you will be self-aware and interested in being the best version of yourself that you can be! I really love positive women who don't shy away from challenges, who own their choices and take responsibility for their own 'stuff'. If you want someone to predict your future, tell you what to do or allow you to play the victim I am not your girl! But if you are ready to take a deeper look at yourself and embrace the possibilities of change for your future then we will totally get on!

Do you use computer generated chart interpretations?

Definitely not! All of the preparation work done prior to our session is my own and my insights and interpretations of your birth chart come from years of formal study, observation of human behaviour through an astrological lens and my life experiences connecting with a wide and diverse range of people. I spend on average 2-3 hours preparing prior to our session and my fee reflects this time commitment and (hopefully) value that I provide!


What is your approach to Astrology?

I do not assume a 'fated' or predictive approach when looking at your birth chart. Instead I want to empower you with the energies and possibilities within you. I believe we all have free will and by understanding yourself on a deep level you can take full control of your own life to achieve your goals. I have seen time and time again those with 'difficult' charts go on to lead successful and happy lives and conversely it is entirely possible to lose the game having been dealt a winning hand with an 'easy' chart. In this way it is up to you whether you reach the potential inherent in your chart. Overall I'd describe my approach as a unique blend of the psychological and the spiritual, which allows me to connect with your soul but also give guidance that is both grounded and practical.

Are the sessions confidential?

There is complete confidentiality and everything we discuss remains between you and I. I pride myself on both my professional and personal integrity and am also bound by the Faculty of Astrological Studies code of ethics and practice which can be viewed at

What is your cancellation policy?

I require payment in advance of our session by either bank transfer or Paypal (Paypal incurs an additional 3.2% merchant fee) as I will need to work on your chart prior to our meeting. I know life is sometimes unpredictable and I can therefore reschedule your session without charge as long as you give me 48 hours notice. I am happy to reschedule up to two times for you, but rescheduling for a third time will incur a £15 fee. Cancelling with no notice or intention of rescheduling incurs the full fee.